I trust you are finding time to enjoy the summer season.  Our new fiscal year for Rotary officially started July 1.  The Rotary International Campaign for the year is to "Create Hope in the World". 
As we move forward with all of our actions and activities let us keep this in mind. 
The Rotary International Board of Directors has established their goals for the year:  Increase our Impact, Expand our Reach, Enhance Participation and Engagement, and Increase our Ability to Adapt. These goals align with our emphasis being on Membership Matters, Get Involved, Be Impactful, and Have Fun. 
This will be an exciting and busy year as we celebrate our 100th anniversary and our 30th Home and Recreation Expo. Working together we can accomplish great things and make a difference in our community and the world.  
Even though July has had no member meetings there has been significant activities during the month. The Lucky Duck event is underway with members seeking various sponsors and selling ducks at the Farmers Market. Thank you to all that are working on this event. We still have openings in August to fill.  We have had individuals do outreach work on our 100th Anniversary celebration and develop materials for a program. We are starting to plan for our 30th Expo.  We have had a board meeting to establish goals for the year ahead that we will share at this meeting. There is work on completing the financials for the year ended June 30th and transition of financials and documents to the new officers. Our storage area has been reorganized again. Be sure you visit our website for all the updated information and friend us on Facebook. Thank you to all of you for the support and engagement in our Club. 
Your membership matters. As I have previously stated, I want to hear and learn from you how we can make the club more meaningful for you.