Sara King, CEO VNA  Hospice of the Southwest Region  (VNAHSR) and Nicole Moran Chief Clinical Operations were invited to  speak about the transition of the Franklin County Home Health Association to its sister agency.
Sara and Nicole spoke of what the VNA and Hospice of the Southwest Region has to offer.
It was noted: “VNAHSR has been designated as the home health provider for the area and will ensure the continuation of home healthcare services to the residents of Franklin County. The clinicians of FCHHA worked closely with VNAHSR to ensure a smooth transition of care for the patients, and those same local clinicians will continue providing the same exceptional home health services to the residents of Franklin County through VNAHSR. FCHHA and VNAHSR have a long history of working closely together under the umbrella of VNAs of Vermont. The two agencies are mission-aligned, and VNAHSR will continue FCHHA’s vision for local home health care in Franklin County well into the future.”
Sara and Nicole spoke of what the VNA and Hospice of the Southwest Region has to offer. 
“VNAHSR provides services when in-home care is needed – or preferred. Our programs span a lifetime — from prenatal care to care for young families to rehabilitation, long-term care, and end-of-life care. We bring advanced care to our patients where they’re most comfortable and can heal the fastest— in the home. We are your local, non-profit VNA and Hospice, committed to helping anyone who needs our assistance. We serve patients, their caregivers, and families throughout Bennington, Franklin, and Rutland Counties.”
From their website “VNAHSR offers specialized home health care including:
·         Skilled nursing
·         Chronic illness and disease management
·         Physical, occupational and speech therapy
·         Medical social work services
·         Case management
·         Home health aide services
·         Parental and enteral nutritional therapy
·         Infusion therapy
·         Behavioral and mental health counseling
·         Hospice and palliative care
·         Telemedicine
·         Vaccinations
·         Home medical equipment
·         Educational advice
·         Wound care
·         Pain management
·         Home safety instructions”