Governor Peter Shumlin and the Vermont Advisory Council on Historic Preservation recently awarded a matching grant for $20,000 to support the St. Albans Rotary Club’s effort in restoring the Taylor Park Fountain. 18 grants totaling $253,220 were awarded to municipalities and non-profit organizations for the rehabilitation of historic centerpieces. 40 applications with funding requests of nearly $2 million were submitted.  
The St. Albans Rotary Club would like to thank the City of St. Albans, Northwestern Medical Center and Jeff Moreau for their development and submission of this grant.  Additional fundraising is currently underway.  For more information, please contact a local Rotarian.
The Taylor Park Fountain was erected in 1887 and has been matched to several similar fountains in Clinton, Mass and St Joseph’s Michigan. These fountains, as well as the St. Albans fountain have been identified as being fabricated by the JW Fiske Company of NY, which manufactured cast iron, zinc and other molded material fountains. Upon Fiske’s dissolution in 1986, The Robinson Iron Company from Alabama bought the the company’s molds, and has been engaged to assist with restoration.