Liam Mahabir, BFA's Flexible Pathways Coordinator, and Rob Thayer NCTC's Work Based Learning Coordinator, presented about the work of the BFA/NCTC Career Pathways Center. Established in Fall 2022, the Career Pathways Center creates a focal point in the community where both technical and traditional education students can access relevant career exploration and flexible pathway opportunities. The Career Pathways Center makes career advising, resume building, job shadows, internships, guest speakers, and worksite tours available to all BFA and NCTC students.
They also shared information about the Be Unbound platform. This is a digital platform students can use to find and document participation in internships and community-based learning. The Career Pathways Center could not do this work without help from generous community partners and are seeking your support to continue expanding student opportunities in the region. 
It was noted: “The Maple Run Career Pathways Center creates a culture shift where college-bound and vocationally oriented students are in the same place receiving the same kind of support and resources in regard to planning their post-secondary futures.”  Some of the essential questions that have been used to guide the Center’s work:
  • “How can CTE and traditional secondary education work together effectively and maximize the post-secondary readiness of the entire student body?
  • How can we implement a comprehensive system of career guidance for our entire student population?
  • How can we make access to internships more universal and equitable? –
  • How can we create lasting community partnerships in the region to enhance internships?”
We were able to hear from two students and their current experiences.  Both students spoke of the importance of their internships that helped determine what their future goals and education path will look like. 
There is a need for different types of internships and the group was encouraged to bring this to the attention of businesses and “ Be a Partner, Host a Student”.